Weekend Warrior

We’ve all been there; we take it easy during the work week, and on the weekend we play hard! What happens when you wake up Monday morning? You’re probably pretty sore. Did you know without proper conditioning our dogs can suffer from these aches and strains too? Or sometimes, they can suffer from something much worse, rupturing ligaments in their legs. Here are some tips for getting your dog from couch potato to athlete!

  • Start slow: Dogs make great exercise buddies, but they need to build stamina just like us. Gradually, increase the distance and speed of your walks, jogs, or hikes.
  • Start a sport: Exercising with a dog or taking up a canine sport such as agility or freestyle is a great way for both of you to burn calories and have fun.
  • Built to suit: Not every dog is designed for the same activity, make sure you know your dog’s strengths and weakness. If you’re still looking for the right companion, make sure to get one that fits your lifestyle!
  • Rest is critical: It limits fatigue and prevents injuries from overuse. The body needs rest to repair tissues and replace energy. Then the two of you will be ready to get up and go again!

Written by Campbell River Veterinary Hospital