Senior Management – Rosco

Rosco is an 11-year-old, high maintenance and active, senior mixed breed dog. He’s arthritic, so he is eating a mobility/weight control diet. Despite his owner’s skepticism, Cartrophen (helps lubricate the joints) has really helped Rosco’s mobility. Appropriate exercise over the last few years has been really important in maintaining his drive to work and play; though he does a lot more than he should sometimes and tends to hurt himself overdoing it if not monitored.

Rosco is a crazy intense and compulsive chewer; he has been this way his whole life. His owner could never curb it; they just tried to find the right things to chew on. He has had two dental procedures, including one tooth extraction on the latter. Overall, he is lucky, considering the incredible wear on his teeth.

His happy place is when they’re out in the woods/trails around Campbell River and the surrounding area. Running running running, looking for that next smell, swimming in ponds and lakes, and collecting sticks are among his favourite pastimes. Once he’s good and tired, the best thing is laying outside in the sun.

Rosco’s brain likes to be worked as well – he knows a thousand and one parlour tricks, and loves to entertain! He’s very smart. The owner refers to him as her “little ADHD, ongoing concern” and loves him so. Into his later years, he is being well managed with new and chronic conditions – pets age much faster than humans and it’s important to adjust their normal activities to compensate.

We recommend keeping up to date with veterinary visits twice a year to monitor small changes you may or may not be aware of as a pet owner.

Written by: Erin Pallay, Groomer