Dogs That Don’t like Grooming

It’s not unusual for most dogs to dislike grooming. The best way to get a dog to enjoy being groomed, or at least allow it, is to bring them frequently for “happy” visits from puppyhood. It might mean just stepping in for a nail trim with lots of treats, or a quick bath, so the appointment isn’t too long. It could also mean leaving your puppy with the groomers as most dogs are more on edge when they feel the need to “protect” their owner from the groomers or other veterinary professionals. Another great way to ensure grooming is a positive experience is to practice handling your dog at home – touch his ears, feet, mouth, and brush him regularly to get him used to it in a familiar environment.

Having a dog that isn’t fond of the grooming experience means making a couple of allowances to ensure what’s best for the dog. It could mean changing your ideal groom with the dog’s comfort in mind, expecting a slightly longer time frame so the groomers can go slow and gently at each step, a slightly higher price for extra pairs of hands or extra time involved, and possibly discussing with your veterinarian about sedation if required. If the dog is severely matted, this may, in turn, take longer and be a bit stressful to your pet. To ensure you are doing everything you can to maintain the coat at home, or have them get a shorter cut to keep the maintenance to a minimum. The utmost priority is the dog’s safety and comfort – this will always come first.

Written by: Campbell River Veterinary Hospital