Scooby and Chronic Kidney Disease

The kidneys play an important part in filtering and removing waste from the body. They regulate essential mineral blood concentration and help to control blood pressure and red blood cell production. If the kidneys are not functioning properly, this causes toxins to build up and makes your pet feel ill.

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Puppy Days: Summer Fitness with Your Puppy

As an avid runner and hiker, I couldn’t wait to have a dog in my life again to have some company on the trails as well as a little motivation to keep the pace up on my runs.

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The Harms and Benefits of Salmon

The majestic Pacific salmon species is loaded with beneficial nutrients not just to us but also to our four-legged companions.

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Dogs That Don’t like Grooming

It’s not unusual for most dogs to dislike grooming. The best way to get a dog to enjoy being groomed, or at least allow it, is to bring them frequently for “happy” visits from puppyhood.

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What Is a Veterinary Technician

A Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) has a significant role in any veterinary hospital. They are there to provide the nursing care required to meet your pet’s needs and keep them as comfortable as possible.

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