I decided to start off in the veterinary field by becoming a kennel attendant for Campbell River Veterinary Hospital, in order to have a better understanding of what goes on in a veterinary clinic. I also wanted to see what role I would like to pursue as a career in the long term. I graduated from high school in January of 2018 and joined the clinic two weeks ago. I believe I am most interested in becoming a veterinary technician in the future. My first pets were two black labs and a cat. The reason I love my job, is due to the friendly environment through the hospital, the opportunity for promotion, and the time I spend my day taking care of animals. I have anyways had a passion for them. My favourite thing about Campbell River Veterinary Hospital is the amazing people who work here and our amazing clients. As soon as I began working here, all the employees made an effort to welcome me and to give me a helping hand whenever needed. They also have been teaching me a lot about hospital patient care and allowing me to help and observe when I can because they know that I am interested in someday doing what they are doing now. Our reoccurring clients have also been supportive of my training and are the friendliest people! I have had no previous training in a hospital environment, but I did work boarding at an equine training centre for many years, where I took care of and helped train many horses.

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Dog Grooming

Our groomers want to give your dog the best trim and experience possible and need the time to be able to work with all temperaments and coat conditions.

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